Waking up to butter

Mmm, butterSo apparently the news that butter is not the demonised yellow monster it’s been made out to be is spreading (scuse the pun) to all corners this week. We’ve had Zoe Harcombe persuading ‘Reveal’ magazine readers about the benefits of some fat-soluble vitamins in butter, avocadoes and steak, plus she’s kickstarted an admirable backlash against Denmark’s silly sat fat tax on her I Can\’t Believe They\’d Tax Butter Facebook page (please join by the way!). Then last Friday, who piped up in defence of the Good Stuff but Jeremy Hardy on Radio 4′s The News Quiz, saying it was always better to cook with butter rather than marge, which let’s face it, is only one molecule away from a plastic bag (ok, I said that last bit)!

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