Fertility Workshops launching!

Some of you may know that I’ve been thinking quite a bit about fertility recently, what with my recent addition to the Mums-to-Be club. From a personal perspective, I’d (perhaps naively) believed that my age would militate against me getting pregnant, as a relatively elderly (!) primigravida. But I’ve realised that much of the fear-mongering about women’s fertility after 35 is misplaced, as much can be done to improve one’s chances of rewinding time if you give your body the building blocks to nurture a healthy egg.

With that in mind, I’m launching a series of fertility workshops in the Chorlton area for small groups of women who are seeking to improve their chances of a healthy conception. In the course of the 2-hour session, attendees will learn about the importance and benefits of nutrient-dense foods and fats (those that we’ve been taught to avoid!), things such as:

- grass-fed meats, broths, offal, eggs, seafood, butter.

- why you might need to supplement with cod liver oil and Vitamin D.

Participants will get to sample some tasty recipes and try their hand at making fermented foods, which can restore healthy gut flora and immune function.

That’s not all….

Nutrition is a good part of the battle, but it’s not the only part. We’ll also cover:

- Why it’s essential to improve basal body temperature as a marker of  healthy ovulation, and how to do this.

- The role that stress plays in infertility; how to interrupt the stress response using the wonderfully simple techniques of Emotional Transformation and return the body to a state of relaxation (and thereby a normal cycle).

All this, including handouts and food is included for the price, a bargain at £35. Dates will be booked around your availability, and are likely to include Saturdays. Book now, and get a discount for multiple bookings :-)

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One response

  1. Hi

    I am a Chorlton life coach, that has recently become pregnant after 4 years of trying. Having dabbled with the fertility clinic and hating it found my way to a way to getting pregnant without the intervention & learning about my body.
    When is the event?
    If I can I’d love to come and do 20 mins just to share my experience & knowledge.
    I am now 5 months pregnant.

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